April 2017

Summer Theatre Program

Each summer in concert with Canada Works employs four to five students from SFU who write, direct and produce a play geared towards children.  The play provides a chance to engage with live theatre for Burnaby families as well as Children’s Hospital new.livecasino.money, Ronald MacDonald House, and Canuck Place.

Details About Production

  • 12 weeks from May –August, 32.5 hrs/week.
  • Work needs to be designed for children and general public: can address social issues (not requisite) and must include an introduction, talk or Q&A (interactive elements encouraged).
  • Students create their own costumes and set.
  • The Burnaby Art Council provides a small budget for transportation, props, costumes etc.
  • The performances/set/costumes must be transportable. The performances are sometimes outside (No power), and the set and costumes must be easily packed up, and transportable via van to different venues across the Vancouver/Burnaby/New West.
  • Rehearsal’s can take place at SFU and or the BAC House, (6584 Deer Lake Ave).
  • Groups must be no larger than 4 students (could be up 6 – extra students tbd at a later date) and must be interdisciplinary.
  • Performance must be 45 min-1 hr.
  • Participants must be current and returning students .