Eunju Hong’s appreciation of visual arts started since she was a child and inspired by how a simple brush could create a wide variety of textures and effects. Being able to express oneself through multiple colour combinations, strokes and characters inspired Hong to explore her own ways of expression through art.

no title (2020), Eunju Hong, Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36″ in

Surrounded by inspiration

Hong starts her studio days with a cup of peppermint tea along with some jazz music. She gets her inspiration from her surrounding natural settings through her daily walks to studio as well as her experience in teaching as she can view the world through other people’s lenses.

Living in Canada for a decade, Hong feels privileged to be exposed to the beautiful scenery and nature of BC. To her, nature is like human life; “ I cherish and love the bright energy I receive from nature” Hong says.

 “ I cherish and love the bright energy I receive from nature”

Hong believes that artists have an important role when it comes to social issues. In her work, she attempts to depict the warmth and tranquility of nature as well as the stories she wants her audience to see and reflect on. Currently, she is working on a series of paintings on canvas and wooden boards to express her perspective on the environment. To find more about Eunju Hong’s practice, visit her website at and Instagram @hong.artstudio.