Su Chen Wu is an ink painter from Taiwan. She has studied her MFA degree in Taiwan and moved to Canada in 2008. Wu started her artistic journey by learning western traditional art and continued by studying oriental art in university. In her work, Wu is inspired by the simplicity and serenity of Zen and Taoist philosophies and her painting style is influenced by Lingnan Pai; an innovative ink painting style with Western characteristics. 

Nature is an open studio

Nature for Chen is like an open studio where she can sketch and take pictures. In her physical studio, Wu has surrounded herself with nature by decorating her studio with natural elements such as driftwood, plants with mosses, deco-ducks and antlers. Practicing meditation, and exploring wildlife are other parts of Wu’s studio process.

Growing up in the countryside of Taiwan, Wu has deepened a strong sense of connection to nature. She sometimes imagines herself as “a piece of driftwood or a water-flow floating on the water or resting on the shore” Wu says.

I sometime imagine myself as a piece of driftwood or a water-flow floating on the water or resting on the shore”

Lost Horizon (2016), Su Chen Wu, ink on paper, 23.5″ x 33.5″

Wu believes that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to social issues and art could act as an effective medium in delivering messages. As an artist, Wu is grateful to have the ability to contribute to raising awareness on environmental issues through her work. 

Currently, Wu is working on a series of ink paintings in which she has focused on migratory birds. 

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