Eunju Hong: The Warmth and Tranquility of Nature

Eunju Hong’s appreciation of visual arts started since she was a child and inspired by how a simple brush could create a wide variety of textures and effects. Being able to express oneself through multiple colour combinations, strokes and characters inspired Hong to explore her own ways of expression through art. Surrounded by inspiration Hong […]

Jake Collinge: Illustrating Stories about Nature

Storytelling through digital media Jake’s background in the arts started out with playing video games when he was young. He was inspired by the gameplay and artwork. This led Jake towards game design and entertainment arts, where he continued to later expand into feature and TV animation as well. Alongside this, Jake was always interested […]

Jennie Johnston: Stitching Together Art and Community

Building community through art Jennie has been a creative person her whole life. She has always loved visual art, dance, literature, poetry and music. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree she moved to British Columbia and quickly fell in love with the mountains, ocean and mild rainy winters. Motherhood challenged her to dedicate […]

Katie Rodgers: Regenerating Hope in the Time of a Pandemic

A life of art in Vancouver Katie has been experimenting with acrylics—independently, as well as in workshops—for many years. Painting became a priority for Katie when she joined the Longhaul studio artists collective in Montreal in her 20’s. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a member of the North Van […]

Kristin Man: Holistic Approaches to Art and Environment

A global exploration of art Kristin Man began exploring her self-expression through photography and writing when she was sixteen years old, whilst attending United World College of the Atlantic and pursuing the curriculum of International Baccalaureate. She fell in love with analog black and white photography and the dark room so much so that she […]

Laara Cerman: Drawn to wildness

Laara Cerman begins her day by working on her freelance Photoshop assignments. Then, depending on the season and the weather, she might stay indoors browsing through books for illustrations, retouching her botanical artwork, or working on a commission. In warm weather, she will go for a walk in search of new plant specimens to document for […]

Nickie Lewis: Beyond the confines of a gallery

Nickie Lewis talks about her transition from theatre to creating outdoor natural sculptures to in a local Burnaby park to spark some joy in the midst of a pandemic.

Ray Maichin: Raising awareness through photography

Ray’s relationship with nature is a “give and take”. He hopes that through his photography, he can give back by raising awareness about conservation efforts.

Su Chen Wu: Be Water, the Serenity of Ink Painting

Su Chen Wu is an ink painter from Taiwan. She has studied her MFA degree in Taiwan and moved to Canada in 2008. Wu started her artistic journey by learning western traditional art and continued by studying oriental art in university. In her work, Wu is inspired by the simplicity and serenity of Zen and […]

Valerie Durant: Making Art From and For The Earth

Valerie’s connection and reverence to and with nature is essential for her health and wellbeing and is integrated in her identity, and this is reflected in her artistic practice.