january 16 – february 6, 2016

Group Exhibition

Featuring Visual Artists:






Moved by Portraits is a group exhibition that will be held at The Deer Lake Gallery featuring the work of Yue Baoyu, Bill Edmonds, Jeremy Henrickson and Louise Solecki-Weir. Moved by Portraits is hosted and organized by The Burnaby Arts Council. The exhibition will open Saturday January 16th 2016 and run until February 6th 2016. This exhibition features four different portrait perspectives, from forensics to Internet catfish. Moved by Portraits seeks to invigorate a well known artistic form with new energy, the portrait!

Louise Solecki-Weir’s loves the tactile expressivity of clay and finds it immensely satisfying to take a lump of clay, one of nature’s most ancient and perfect art materials, and breathe life into it. Additionally she has an interest in how art and society intersect and how art can contribute to healing and forensics. Early on, she trained in Fine Arts at Vancouver Community College, studied in Italy with the University of Georgia, and Received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto.   She is registered art therapist with a degree from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and worked for a time with youth dealing with psychiatric and conducts challenges. Currently, she is vice president of the Sculptors Society of BC.

Bill Edmonds work explores anonymity and the Internet. Bill Edmonds portraits look at what is called a Catfish in the urban dictionary. A Catfish is someone who constructs a false identity over the Internet sending false images and information. Edmonds project explores the significance of the portrait on the Internet for online portfolios and relationship making. A candid self-portrait might be the first point of contact with some one breaking online anonymity. Edmonds explores the risk that the image being sent might not actually be the portrait of the person.

Jeremy Henrickson was born and raised in Vancouver. Dabbling in modern media eventually took him full circle to exploring the traditional mediums of art as he finished a 3 year Design and Illustration program at Capilano University. Drawing from the pools of knowledge he has collected, JPH combines elements from many mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, inks, oils and collage to create contemporary vibrant imagery that explores themes of expression, persona and sense of life.

Yue Baoyu was born in the countryside in north-east China immigrating to Canada in 2001 with a science and engineering background. A passion for art led Baoyu to study art at NSCAD University and developed a practice that specialized in realistic paintings of portraits and figures. Baoyu is influenced by both Chinese and European traditions, and is currently working to develop Baoyu’s own style.

Moved by Portraits features multiple portraiture perspectives, in both two and three-dimensions. Please join us for the opening reception of Moved by Portraits that will be held January 16th 2016 between 2-4pm at the Deer Lake Gallery.