Welcome to the page for our virtual exhibition! Below you will find instructions and the link to view the virtual gallery. Keep an eye out on this page for upcoming stories related to the exhibition.

About the Exhibition

What is the role of art in solving the climate crisis? Is it best used to highlight the beauty and importance of the natural world, or should art be a device that teaches the viewer how to respond to environmental challenges? For this exhibition we invited BC artists to submit their original artworks that focus on exploring how art can be used to shape our experiences and beliefs around climate change. These fifteen artists have created work that uses the natural world as its medium, that focuses on the fate of our planet through a political lens, and even offers solutions for reducing our carbon footprint.

How to view

  • Click on the Read More button below or follow this link.
  • Scroll through the post to see the featured artwork, followed by an artist bio and statement.
Changing Horizons

Artist stories

Venture even further into this online exhibition through a series of interviews with some of the participating artists. In each essay, you will learn more about their practice and their relationship with nature, while gaining some insight about the role of art in the conversations around climate change.

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