Our Live at the Gallery music program brings music into the a gallery setting, which invites the community to ensure visual and musical arts in an inclusive environment.  Our events is an exciting mix of art and sound, from the sweet sounds of classical music to chilled out beats of local folk bands.

The Burnaby Arts Council is passionate about promoting the arts as a vital component of our city’s culture.  We take pleasure in offering free music concert series and welcome everyone in the community to attend.  Live at the Gallery Music Series is an opportunity for Deer Lake to have another regular venue for local musicians to play and local enthusiasts to listen.  It also provides an opportunity to subvert the often rigid structure of an art gallery by engaging guests in various ways, like music! Under this casual setting, feel at ease in a gallery, and learn new ways to appreciate art.

Studies show that listening to music can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life.


February 29

2020 Schedule:

Coming Soon!