Live at the Gallery is a monthly concert series held at the Deer Lake Art Gallery. September concert featuring Matt Silverman and Sara Wazani at 7 pm on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Doors open 6:30 pm, event starts @ 7 pm.

Live at the Gallery brings music into the gallery setting, to connect fans of visual and musical arts. The event is an exciting mix of art and sound, from the sweet sounds of classical music to chilled out beats of local folk bands. Expect the unexpected!

The Burnaby Arts Council is passionate about promoting the arts as a vital component of our city’s culture. We take great pleasure in offering this FREE music concert series and welcome you to the Deer Lake Art Gallery! Live at the Gallery is an opportunity for Deer Lake to have another regular venue for local musicians to play and local enthusiasts to listen. It also provides an opportunity to subvert the often rigid structure of an art gallery by having an interactive presentation being held within it.

Matt Silverman & Sara Wazani are local musicians and guitar teachers at Neil Douglas Guitar Shop. Between the two of them they teach over 100 students weekly, accounting for nearly one third of the students at the guitar shop. The two classical guitarists began practicing as a duo shortly after Sara began working at the studio two years ago and have continued playing together weekly, performing when ever they can. In addition classical guitar Matt plays the Renaissance lute and Sara plays the oud, two string instruments which look very similar with bowl shaped bodies, but sound and play very differently. Matt and Sara play instrumental music from all over the span of time from the Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic periods, to modern pop arrangements and original music on the classical guitar, lute, and oud. Their variety of tastes are inspired by their background in classical music combined with the varying genres of music their students bring to them. Join the duo for a wonderful evening of instrumental music.

Please join us at the Deer Lake Gallery for Live at the Gallery on Saturday, Sept 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm. Doors open @6:30 pm! Get your tickets now!