We’ve received so many amazing submissions during these past few months. View the artworks created by our community in the gallery below. Click on each photo for more information.

Stories from the artists:

At times painting has been impossible. I paint when I’m happy and there has been quite a few times where the stress and anxiety that has surrounded me has hampered my creativity. I’ve also produced some really ugly paintings that I’m waiting to gesso over.Carol Holeska

These red hearts showed up in May. Reminding us to think of our vulnerable Seniors. – Zenobia Turnbull regarding Hopeful Hearts at Carlton Lodge

I have always wanted to paint Oils of Wildlife, so now I have the time to do it. I start off in the morning light, set up on the kitchen table, put on my nature music that inspires me to paint. The music makes me feel I am outdoors painting away, but inside. – Wendy Schmidt

After a long time working as an engineer I have discovered that art helps me to cope with life and to find beauty everywhere. Art helps to bring people together because it does not need explanation, it can trigger feelings and emotions to the spectator. Carlos Arredondo

About the project

Life as we know it, as changed. With the evolving circumstances around the Covid-19 outbreak, the impact on our daily lives and behaviour are echoed through the empty aisles of retail stores and deserted sidewalks of downtown. 

As artists, this may not mean much change at all, or it may be life altering. Creativity comes from everywhere and everything. By being confined at home with limited social interactions, how has your creative process changed? Has it stayed the same? Either way, we want to know. Our gallery may be closed, but that won’t stop the sharing of art. In fact, in this digital era, it may even mean new possibilities to bring the arts to our community! 

As we mark this moment in history, we invite you, our Burnaby Artists, to share the thoughts running through your mind as an artist. Visual, spoken, musical, all mediums are welcome in this creative endeavor. Over the next few weeks, we will collect submissions and share them with the community. To our loyal patrons, this will be a chance to peek into the mind of the artist. To other artists, find inspiration and connection to what can otherwise be a solitary life.

[CLOSED] Submission Guidelines

Not currently accepting submissions. Please enjoy our gallery of work above!

  • Accepting multiple submissions! Share your daily progress, or a collection of thoughts and artwork.
  • If submitting video: Max. length 1 – 2 minutes
  • You agree to your work being re-posted on our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) with proper credits.
  • Send us your videos via:
    • Email: info@burnabyartscouncil.org,
    • DM or tag us on social media! (Facebook: Deer Lake Gallery; IG: @deerlakegallery, @burnabyartscouncil)