Live at the Gallery: Youth Jam 2022

Performance Opportunity for Burnaby Music Students!

Are you a Burnaby secondary student? Are you a musician that needs a stage to perform on or an improviser who loves to jam? Join the Burnaby Arts Council and Mayor Mike Hurley for Youth Jam 2022! 

The Youth Jam is an annual event hosted by the Burnaby Arts Council where young musicians have the opportunity to share their musical talents. Participants will also get a chance to jam with the Mayor and Councillor Joe Keithley of the local punk rock band, DOA. 

This year’s Youth Jam will be held at the newly renovated Deer Lake Art Gallery on Saturday, May 28, 2022 from 6pm-8pm. The evening will start with a 40-minute Open Mic followed by a jam with the Mayor and Councillor Keithley. This will be a free event open to the public where performers will get a chance to perform in the art gallery’s outdoor space overlooking Deer Lake Park.

After the open mic there will be a jam session with Mayor and Joe Keithley. There are three songs on the Mayor’s set list and students who learn the chords can join the band for some tunes. There are spots available for drummers, vocalists, horn players, guitarists, bassists, strings, winds and brass. These students should be able to read chord charts or music notation and have the support of a music teacher. There will be 1 rehearsal on the evening of May 23 prior to the live event.

The set with the Mayor will include: 

  1. Twist and Shout – Beatles – A
  2. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash – E
  3. Let’s Stick Together – E

This will be followed by a duet by the mayor and councillor featuring two of their original songs!

A PA, microphone, guitar amps, and electric keyboard, and drum kit will available for use. Please submit your application by Friday, April 22nd, 2022. To apply please fill out the form below. Questions can be forwarded to Matt at