The Burnaby Arts Council (BAC) was established in 1967 to fundraise for a Burnaby based public art gallery. We are very proud to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2020! In its 50 years, the BAC has continued with its mandate of supporting, promoting and expanding the arts throughout Burnaby. Furthermore, the Council plays a pivotal role in providing leadership to emerging artists and established art groups alike; the BAC showcases creative talents and provides opportunities for involvement in community culture events and projects.

The Burnaby Arts Council hosts and sponsors a wide variety of cultural events, encompassing a full range of the arts. From painting, to dance, to theater and poetry, the BAC provides a community based outlet for people of all ages to express their creativity.

The BAC’s Deer Lake Gallery features a 750 sq. ft exhibition space. The gallery hosts a wide variety of art forms by individual artists and cultural organizations from across the Greater Vancouver area.

Please consider becoming a member of the Burnaby Arts Council and help us to promote, support and expand the Arts in Burnaby.