2020 has presented us with a serious challenge for the Burnaby Summer Theatre program, but also an amazing opportunity. The original program brought theatre performances to families across the city of Burnaby, from community centres, to libraries and more. But storytelling can take place anywhere and anytime. The tools that we need to create and share these stories are easily within reach. So for 2020, the theatre program is going online. Instead of 1 work, we’ll be sharing multiple original submissions from around our community. 

In this series, explore and understand different cultures through the ancient form of storytelling. Myths & legends carry generations of culture, history, and lessons from our ancestors. Learn more about the series in this video introduction from our Summer Theatre Coordinator, Mafer Rios!

Click on each creator’s name to watch the story and learn more about the artist.

This project is presented by the Burnaby Arts Council. A non-profit community arts organization, aiming to support, promote and expand the arts throughout Burnaby. We hope break down barriers and connect people with the arts through free or subsidized activities and content. Most of our financial support comes from grants and generous donors like you! So if you like this video, please consider making a donation to keep seeing more amazing artists!