March 1990/91

In the years 1990/1991 in the month of March there were big festivities like the “Spring Splash Artscape`90” as well as new openings like the Robert Prittie Metrotown Library. Burnaby became the largest circulation per capita of any urban library in Canada.

The six PNE wooden horses

In March, 1990 six PNE wooden carousel horses were brought back to their former glory by The Painters Industry Joint Council. It was a plan to save the wooden carousel from death through an auction.

Artscape 1990

In the same year, the Burnaby Arts Council planned the spring festival Artscape `90. The plan of this nine-day arts festival was to make it affordable for the common man. The event was reasonably priced to ensure everyone could attend.

Artscape `90 – The nine-day extra-vaganza at Burnaby’s current Art Centre. The aim was to share art with everyone. No matter who you were, you were able to be part of Artscape `90.

A New Library in Burnaby

In March, 1991 the Prittie library was opened. The aim of the library was to create more space, and to offer the visitors a local feeling. Through small details, like table lamps and skylight through big windows, a cozy feeling was created.

The Robert Prittie Metrotown Library was a big occasion for the chief librarian in Burnaby. It was the largest public library opened in the province since the 1950s. Paul Whitney expected about 1,200 visitors visiting the library each day.

All during its first week of operations the library had already registered almost 1,000 new card-holders and loaned out 30,000 books.