Sunday, October 6, 2019

To raise awareness and help educate the public, we are launching ReVision: the art of recycling – a non-profit society of artists dedicated to saving our environment who are partnering with the Burnaby Arts Council to present this explorative exhibition about recycling and art. One of ReVision artists, Lori Goldberg will create amazing artwork by upcycling waste materials and discarded objects.

Here is the schedule:

  • Oct. 6, 12 -1:30 pm: Lori Goldberg workshop Session I on art from waste plastics
  • Oct. 6, 2-3:30 pm: Lori Goldberg workshop Session II on art from waste plastics

Each Workshop Session is $5 + admin fee, each class is limited to 25 seats.

For the workshops on Oct. 5th, all participants MUST bring their own recycled materials. Please check the list below for examples of recycled materials.

Click the following link to get your tickets now!

Plastics Vinyl Records Metals
  • plastic shopping bags & mesh vegetable bags
  • CDs, DVDs, tape from video and music cassettes
  • flexible plastic food packaging i.e juice pouches and chip bags
  • six-pack rings
  • plastic caps
  • plastic bottles and cutlery


  • vinyl advertising banners and political lawn signs
  • tech trash (parts of computers and phones)
  • construction fencing and caution tape
  • photographic slides and negatives
  • small plastic toys & stuffed animals, including plastic dolls
  • lids of dried up markers
  • straws


  • bottle caps
  • metal cutlery
  • metal pull tabs from soda cans & pieces of the cans themselves cut into various shapes
  • keys
  • wire (often covered with colorful plastic or rubber)
  • aluminum pans (tinfoil pans)


Paper and cupboards Rubber

and Cork

Fabrics Other Fibers
  • cardboard egg cartons and boxes
  • magazines, books, maps and newspapers
  • playing cards
  • tea bags
  • programs from theater shows that are now over
  • coffee cup insulation sleeves


  • inner tubes from tires
  • balloons
  • hoses
  • wine corks
  • etc.,


  • men’s ties
  • seat belts
  • etc.,


  • burlap rice bags
  • nature items like pine cones, banana, orange, dried avocado peels
  • etc.,